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Monday, July 14, 2008

God Is Good, All The Time!

I'm sorry I haven't written much lately, but I have been busy. We left for Roswell on June 30th and did the UFO Festival down there with the simulator and the license plate trailer. It was PACKED! It was a very busy weekend for us, Roger worked the simulator all by himself, and I worked the license plates all by myself.

You know God is so good, all the time! I love to drive because I plug in my iPod into the RV speakers, turn on my praise music, and sing at the top of my lungs as I drive! And all weekend long I had all these praise and worship songs going through my head. It was great.

We got on location Wednesday night and parked the RV next to the street like we always do and started work Thursday morning. As we were finishing setting up, we saw code compliance knocking on our door, so Roger went over to talk to them.

Seems that someone in the area complained about our motorhome being parked on the street. But code compliance did say that we were parked legally and that we had 72 hours to move it. OK. So we went to work. We'll move it in 72 hours.

After 6pm that same day, the police show up and tell us that they got a complaint on the RV. So, Roger told them what code compliance told him. And they said, OK. But they still couldn't tell us who it was that complained. We think it was a business owner not involved in the festivities across the street and they were upset that customers couldn't see their business from the festival because our RV was in the way. By the way, the blood drive RV was in the parking lot with the festival, and it was about 50' long. And it went across the whole driveway.

So, we told the coordinator of the festival with the UFO Museum, and she said that after everything was all closed up to come park in the parking lot.

So about 10:30 pm we take the Rv into the parking lot and lo and behold, the only place to park is just across the sidewalk into the parking lot from where we were originally! And it was level, and now you have our 32' motorhome, and the blood mobile (give or take 50')! We got a better location and there was absolutely no visibility across the street now. God looks out for those who trust Him.

Other things, the simulator has an accumulator for the hydraulics that the bladder took a dump in, but Roger filled it up and it ran just fine for the show.

Then we went home and set up on the corner Thurs-Sat, even though we were REAL tired.

To make a long story short, out of all the little things that satan meant for bad, the Lord made good, and we made more money there this year than we did last year. Praise the Lord!


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