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Monday, June 16, 2008

Reality Check

I have several family members, friends, acquaintances, etc. (we all do) who are not Christians.
I love each and every one of them to death. But in all the years, the main reason they are not Christians is because of hypocrisy, crime, sin, imagined wrongdoing ("all Christians are like . . ."), whatever.

I'm going to play the devil's advocate for a moment here. Did God do these things? Did the doing (or not doing) of these things change God in some way? Do we go to church to worship God or is it just another social gathering? If it is a social gathering for you, is that what it is supposed to be? Hmmmm.

God is God. He is the King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords, Creator of the Universe, Giver of all Life, Holiest of Holies, Purest, Almighty God. In the bible there are over 200 names for God, all describing different aspects of His character.

We are Christians not because we are perfect, but because we realize that we need to rely on Him to forgive us. And it is only because He took the punishment for our sins on Himself, that we can claim even that. We are human beings. And human beings are not perfect. I am not perfect. I try as hard as I can, but Christ and I have regular conversations that go kind of like this, "You need to look at this and that." "Yes, Lord, you're right. Please forgive me. I'll really try not to do that again. I love you Lord, and thank you for living in my heart."

I go to church to worship God. And an added bonus to that is He has given me visions, spoken to me, renewed my spirit, lifted my energy, healed my body, and more. I could care less who else goes or how they dress or what bank they robbed yesterday. That is between them and God.

I pray and read the bible to deepen my RELATIONSHIP with God. The more I know about Him, the more He walks with me and gives me the peace I need to face another day.

I am glad I'm a Christian. I wish we all were.


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