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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Want To Be Like Jesus

When Jesus came on the scene, everyone loved it. We have religious leaders in our time. What was the difference? Why did He draw such large crowds everywhere He went? It was because He loved them and had compassion on them. People can tell sincerity.

But how could they tell it? Was it because He acted like them so He'd fit in with the home boys? Was it because He went out drinking and bar-hopping with them? Was it because He went to all the popular restaurants and bad-mouthed the politicians and Roman police on every corner? Was it because He yawned and slept through church services because He was so smart and holy? Did He join in conversations of worry and doubt about other people's problems and health?

No. He drew a crowd because He accepted everyone regardless of race, creed, and color. He knew their hearts. He listened to their problems and changed the conversation back to righteousness and asked them leading questions. He never accused them or pointed fingers because He was better than them. He always talked about His Father in heaven and how much He loved them and righteousness. He turned their thoughts inward and let their own hearts convict them. He'd tell them to repent, turn their hearts back to God, ask for forgiveness, and get back into a fellowship with the Father. "Go and sin no more."

He'd teach them about having respect for all their brothers and sisters in the life - for all humanity. He always encouraged.

He shook hands. He hugged. He cried. He played. He laughed. He loved everyone.

When I come on the scene, what's the reaction?


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