Lessons Worth Re-Learning

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Introduction 3

I'm not the only one experiencing depression and attacks of the enemy. There are many of the LORD's people who are suffering and need to know that God still loves them, still walks with them, and get refreshed. They need to re-discover the LORD'S great mercies just as I do once in a while. I am ashamed that I get depressed so easily. I need to be reminded of my dear LORD's love and mercy continually. I need to be reminded of my place in the kingdom. And so do they. I have had these experiences and learned these lessons to turn around and help those who are going through the same things. Lessons worth re-learning. I must share God's love to a lost and dying world. This is my testimony through the lessons I have learned and the scriptures that have lifted me up. God reveals Himself to us through the Word, the Bible. He opens our hearts and minds to His Love through His Word. It is not for private edification only. It is to equip us and build us up so we can help others!

I have suffered depression myself. Therefore, I have the ability, and the right, and the responsibility to help others who are depressed.

Dear LORD, teach me by your Holy Spirit. Do not let me ever believe or teach anything against or outside of Your Truth!


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