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This is my journey that the LORD Jesus Christ has taken me on in my life. So don't be surprised, this is a Christian site written by a Christian. Most of us have lived our Christian lives such that if we bloomed where we were planted, we'd be mushrooms in a cave! If you would like to subscribe to this blog, please send me an e-mail.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Introduction 2

God's been very good to me. His Word is true. And I wouldn't do anything different. I'm not so different from the early Israelites. I'm stiff-necked and rebellious. I forget easily. I get depressed. And underneath it all, I have these nagging doubts that I'll never make it to heaven. That I'll be in that group that Jesus turns away. These are lies from the enemy that I mistakenly believed. This was a grievous sin.

That is what has given rise to this blog. This is about growth. I've dated the 'chapters' and will put them here in order as best I can from February 13th to the present. Therefore, you will see a pattern of change. The LORD reached me were I was, and led me through prayer and backed it up with scripture, my pastor's sermons (and he didn't even know God was using him to speak to me), and messages from David Wilkerson and the Times Square Church in New York. If you want some really good messages, you need to get on his totally free mailing list. Even things my friends and children said confirmed what the LORD had already spoken to my heart.

That is how our dear LORD works. He reaches you where you are and works with your heart. He changes you from the inside out by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, if you will let Him. He created us with a free will and He will not overstep that boundary. His is the small voice in the midst of the chaos. You have to want to hear Him, you have to focus, and you have to listen closely.


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