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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Introduction 1

I started writing with the intention of avoiding another bout with depression. I wanted the LORD to give me the scriptures I needed to keep me strong and healthy. I had no thoughts of sharing these personal thoughts with anyone else, but as time went on and as the LORD expanded His Word to me in such a short time, I came to realize that what the LORD shared with me, could possibly help a lot of people. I also have become driven, even compelled, to keep going; that there was some reason for me to get it done quickly. Only the LORD knows why.


Blogger teci said...

hi linda! :)

i came to know Christ when i was at the lowest point of my life...and just like you i learned so many things, and later on realized that these personal insights can also be shared with others :)

you feel compelled? all right, go ahead and share and blog and do what you can! :) i started my blog last semester and during semestral break and Christmas break i would rather blog than spend vacation lazily, because if there's EVEN ONE person that i can help through my words led by God's Spirit, is enough motivation. true enough the first comments came from people i didn't know personally, who were blessed :) i'm not saying this to boast but to urge you to just share what you can as soon as you can, because God uses people and words to build each of us up, together :)

i get affected easily and am prone to the enemy's lies too. i also have a friend who advises me by saying "we must be reminded" because i do forget God's everlasting love and grace. i just know that as God's still small voice is speaking to you, He is also enabling you to be His voice to others, even to strangers. truly what a WONDERFUL AMAZING God we have :)

God bless us both! continue blogging, i'll update a link to your site as soon as i find time! all things for His glory! :) bye (for now!) :)

July 09, 2006 6:17 PM  
Blogger teci said...

by the way i also have to add that it's really God's will and His purpose that prevails :) whether we blog or not, whether we share His love or not, God will make a way according to His purpose.

i just have to remember that, because someone recently prophesied to me that i should not be burdened unreasonably with other people's choices (whether they accept Christ or not). i do what i can, but the choice is really up to each person.

i'm just saying this because you might be burdened too much with what i said in my first comment, that you should blog before breathing :) (i'm exaggerating of course!) my point is every time you feel compelled to write something or share that, then do so. even if yuo can't update your blog regularly, just jot down things you've realized. but if you think there's time and opportunity, then be bold enough to use your writing skills for His glory and to serve others :)

right now i cannot find time to blog but God knows my heart :) if i blog right now, i cannot accomplish my job and cannot focus on my studies. definitely as you mentioned we must bloom where God has planted us, and so i am doing my day job (and daily tasks first) :) but just like you i have LOTS to share! so let's find time to share those revelations from God, to the world! :)

p.s. oh you're already a grandma! in the philippines we always say "po" as a sign of respect when talking with our elders :) good day po and God bless! hope to hear from you again soon :) :) :)

July 09, 2006 6:27 PM  

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