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Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Pursuit of GOD

Science says there are 5 senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.  Some research has been able to identify more: sense of temperature, balance, pain, body awareness, and others.  Although science has not officially made those 'senses' per se.

But nearly all people's groups or cultures recognize animals and humans have one more that tends to stand out and it is quite controversial.  It is what some call the '6th sense'.

Because it is elusive, hard to pin down, strong in some and not in others, hard to define or categorically prove it's existence, science ignores it and leaves it for the fringe to deal with.  It has been called:  intuition, the Third Eye, ESO, your conscience, prophecy, premonitions, sense of GOD or spiritual beings.

Now, all of these explanations have mostly been used by people and organizations with a non-christian viewpoint such as ghosts and paranormal activity.  As Christians we know that ghosts do not exist but are in reality demons impersonating loved ones in order to confuse people as to GOD's real intentions or even His very existence.  Scripture is clear to admonish us to stay away from such things.  Seeking someone to connect you with the dead is expressly forbidden.  Fortune tellers, horoscopes, and the zodiac are all abominations to GOD because they lead you away from seeking GOD's plans and GOD's wisdom and GOD's presence.  We also know from Scripture that once a man dies he goes to judgement.  That being said, we also know the spiritual realm is teaming with angels, demons, fallen angels, and of course, GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Animals and humans sometimes react to people because of what they 'sense' about them.  You might get 'good' vibes from some and 'creepy' or 'bad' vibes from others.  We get the 'feeling' that a person cannot be trusted or is in some way 'dangerous'.

GOD is the creator of all things by His spoken Word (John 1:3).  He created humanity through Adam by forming Adam with His very own hands. (Genesis 2:7).  Humanity is GOD's signature creation.  Indeed this whole universe was created just for us.  Out of all the senses He gave us He wanted us to be AWARE OF HIM.  All creation declares the Glory of GOD (Psalm 19:1, Romans 1:20).  We can see the beautiful landscapes and oceans and rivers, and stars and galaxies and nebulas.  We can hear the birds, speak to each other, and especially hear the laughter of our children.  We are comforted by the loving touch of another person.  We can smell the beautiful flora, the greenery, the rain, etc.  We can taste all the variety of food that is grown, the honey from the beehive, herbs, and meat for our nourishment.

But GOD is Spirit, not of our plane of reality.  He is not made from atoms or forces of energy.  He is not physically perceived by our scientifically approved senses.  Yet we perceive that there has to be more to this existence besides what we can see, taste, hear, touch and smell.

How many long nights have you poured out your heart to Him, telling Him about your day, praising Him for happiness and crying out to Him because of your pain?  Even athiests have cried out, "Oh GOD, save me!" with their last breath.

This is more than a sense of GOD, it is an instinct that He has given us.  Just as surely as the geese and butterflies and hummingbirds migrate safely across whole continents and back again, or the salmon returning to the specific place of their birth to spawn again, or the suffering servant who lifts his eyes to the heavens and says, "My LORD and My GOD!  How awesome are Your works!  How unsearchable is Your wisdom!  Your love knows no bounds!  Blessed be Your name!"

Out of all creation GOD gave humanity the ability to think, to reason, to use logic, and a free will to choose his actions.  Only humanity has the capability of choosing how to act.  Only humanity can sense right from wrong.  Only humanity has a conscience.

All creation declares the Glory of GOD but humanity is here to witness it and pursue the thought, "Show Yourself to me, LORD.  I want to see You!"

Linda Rosenbaugh © 2019


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