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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Praise Him in Your Tribulations

GOD is love!

Praise the LORD who reigns in glory!

Paul says he glories in his weakness so Jesus (GOD) could be stronger in his life.

We are told to praise GOD in our tribulations.

To praise Him in all things.

If anything is pure (etc) to think on these things.

Why does GOD allow bad things to happen?

Why did Jesus let Lazareth (his very good friend) die?

Why did Jesus insist his disciples get into the boat to row to the other side and stay on shore himself when he knew a gale was coming?

Why does GOD allow evil in this world?

To show Himself strong for us.
To make miracles happen so that we know He exists.
To reveal to a lost and dying world that there is a Holy Saviour who loves us and wants to have a relationship with us HERE on earth, AND in the life to come.
To prove to the naysayers that they are wrong, there is a GOD.

If Lazareth had not died, Jesus could not have raised him from the dead in front of a huge crowd and Glorify GOD.

If the disciples had not obeyed, their faith could not have been tested and strengthened.

Miracles are so the unbelievers have no excuse anymore and are faced with a choice: do you deny GOD and what you just experienced for yourself and believe a lie, or do you embrace Him?

All creation declares that there is a GOD, yet godless men deny that every day.

When you praise GOD in the midst of your pain and suffering, you bring youself into the throne room and allow Him to be your remedy!

In this life you are going to have tribulations. Whether they are because of your sins or not, the remedy is the same. Go to the LORD in prayer, repent of your sins and receive your forgiveness. Then know that this situation was ordained by GOD from before time for you to learn, to increase your faith, to mature your spirit man, to increase your dependance on GOD, and rest in His answers. And start praising GOD because He is God and you are His child!

Think of it like this: Jesus is watching you. A situation arises. You start beating yourself up with the bat of 'shame and guiltiness' that satan hands you. All of a sudden you remember you are a child of GOD and your sins are forgiven. You go to prayer and praise the LORD for His love and compassion and supply and presence  and answers and constant care in thanksgiving! Hallelujah!

And then the Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit jump with joy and leap into action because that's what they were waiting for all along, for you to release everything to you that you need and more because you learned to depend on them!

Our human nature is to get depressed and self-blaming and sit on the pity-pot when things happen. But WE ARE CRUCIFYING THE FLESH and the Holy Spirit is teaching how to become children of GOD!

John 6:29  (ESV)
    Jesus answered them, “This is the work of GOD, that you believe in him whom He has sent.”


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