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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Civil Disobedience

I want to start a campaign in America. We all have the right to think and say whatever we want in this country because of the first amendment to our constitution. There are people out there who only want their point of view to be permissible to the detriment of everyone else. We are commanded by our LORD to be peaceable above all things. And servants of GOD to all humanity. But I also know that Christianity would not have survived the first 100 years if everyone became a believer and then hid in the desert until they died. What a pitiful life. No one would want that. Some did hide in the catacombs. Some were killed. All spoke the Word of life with kindness and love and reverence for GOD the Father and His Son whom he sent, Jesus. The world will always try to silence us. But GOD wants to save as many as He can and He uses us to be His voice. As much as we are able, we need to say "Merry Christmas!" "GOD bless you!" to all those sneezers out there. "May I pray for you?" if the opportunity arises. If some person can sing along with some rap song about raping women and killing cops, we can sing or hum or whistle to a hymn or current Christian song. I think all the Christian kids in classes where the teacher denies "GOD" need to stand up at one time at a prearranged time every day (at the beginning before the teacher starts or at the end right after they quit talking) and say in unison: "GOD bless you Mr./Ms. ________." Remember always respectful. And line up the rest of your life so no one has a grievance against you. There may be repercussions and you have to be willing to endure that. But if there are enough of us willing to stand up with a little civil disobedience, our voices will be heard. AND THEY CAN'T ARREST US ALL!!!!!


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