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Friday, June 28, 2013

May Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of all mankind be Praised in the Highest!

I am simply blown away by the love of our LORD Jesus Christ!  I am having a hard time catching my breath and organizing my thoughts.

Let me start by saying that when you set your heart to serve GOD, satan will come like a roaring lion.  In the last week I have started to write at least 2 different posts but opposition from satan kept accusing me and confusing me.  But GOD has sent me scriptures and devotionals from Charles Spurgeon and David Wilkerson both for 3 days running that not only countered the thoughts I was having but gave me the ammunition I needed in my fight against satan.

That means GOD had the answer to my questions on the way before I ever prayed!!!!!  Here is the link to the final David Wilkerson's devotional that GOD used to deliver me.  Please read this devotion online:

If you want to play religion and go to church on Sunday, visit with everybody, and live your own life Monday through Saturday, you have missed the mark of the high calling of Jesus Christ.  The LORD wants us ALL to live victorious lives with the Holy Spirit in as our Comforter, Teacher, Strength, Armor, and EVERYTHING ELSE WE NEED!

Take that step of faith outside of your comfort zone!  Become fully submitted to Jesus!  He will be with you!  Stay in the Word, don't conform to the world, quit worrying about what your friends will say.  This world is only temporary.  Jesus is forever!


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